For Maelstrom I had a big part in the concept development regarding the story and premise of the game. Our team worked very hard to ensure the storyline and characters felt real and evoked a spectrum of emotions. Later in the design process I helped facilitate user testing (which involved some improv and roleplay over Discord) and finally I led the creation of the interactive prototype.
Maelstrom has been my favorite project thus far. Our team had an out of the box idea, and we were a little worried about trying to design a game for the first time, but we stuck with our gut. In the end Maelstrom was awarded 11 Indigo Design Awards. We could not have gotten here without the help of our professor, Dr. Sung Park, who supported us along the way with his expertise in Human Psychology.
Isabella Gardner | Erin Imhof | Laeryn Plankey | Lekha Veeramachaneni | Nguyen Phuong Anh Tran
SCAD | Senior Studio II Fall 2021 | Dr. Sung Park
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