Within the Zestie team I was in charge of content strategy and acted as a co-prototyper alongside a team member. For Zestie we used Figma to make the prototype interactive. I learned a lot about interaction design for apps during this project, with regard to paging, scrolling, and gestures.
Zestie was truly a labor of love. After a few weeks of intense research and even trying out Intuitive Eating for ourselves, our team hit the ground running with our designs. This project went through the most iterations out of any project I have completed at SCAD thus far; our professor, Eun (June) Yoon, pushed us to make this project as great as it could be. The prototyping stage was challenging, as we included a lot of elements and animations that I had never created before. Overall I learned a lot about interaction design and rapid changes within the design process.
   Erin Imhof | Laeryn Plankey | Isabella Gardner | Sarina Perli | Lekha Veeramachaneni
SCAD | Senior Studio I 2020 | Professor Eun Yoon
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